6 Types Of Trees That Are Growing In Popularity Right Now

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Due to lockdown measures And people are spending more time at home. Therefore, the decoration of the house is a byproduct of this event. Because people did not go out, therefore, did not have the opportunity to breathe fresh air Or you can go to a coffee shop outside. Consequently, it became an idea that more people turned to plant trees inside the house. These trees make the atmosphere in the place look fresh. Some plants also have air purification benefits. And can also make the house look open to look like a cafe Or a minimalist bakery shop that can be seen immediately. Today, we would like to present six popular types of plants so that you can get ideas for decorating your home, including taking advantage of these trees.

1. Monstera

When it comes to popular trees right now, I can’t even look past the monster tree because it seems this type of tree will be famous as the top ever. Because it has a beautiful appearance, fresh green, glossy leaves, the appearance of the leaves also has a pattern like it has been beautifully stenciled by nature. Including a tree that is easy to grow suitable for the weather in Thailand Can be quickly grown indoors because this type of tree does not need strong sunlight. And do not need to keep watering every day. The price of this tree ranges from 300-1,000 baht, and this tree also has air purification properties. Therefore, this type of tree is considered the starting type of people interested in planting trees in my home.

2. Indian rubber tree

This tree is just as famous as Monstera. Because it is another type of tree that is too easy to care for, It doesn’t like water, so watering it once or twice a week is enough. This tree is characterized by The leaves having a rounded shape. The leaves are glossy green. It is beautiful for the onlookers. But this type of tree is cautioned. Be careful not to hit its white rubber. Because it is toxic, This tree also has air purification properties.

3. Banyan tree

This tree is tall and majestic. And beautiful wavy leaf shape combined with artificial trees. This tree has the properties to clean the air and absorb toxins. Therefore, people like to plant this plant in the bedroom. The care of this tree is effortless. We do not need to water much, But this tree does not like to be in full sun. Therefore, the Banyan tree should place in a dimly lit place.

4. Stephania Glabra

minimalist tree with this cute and lovable character It has been trendy. Because it can instantly create a minimalist atmosphere in that place with the appearance of a succulent root in a tortoiseshell. Therefore, Gotu Bok Khot doesn’t need much water. And it is a plant that does not like the sun as well.

5. Sansevieria Boncel

This ivory is the same plant as Aloe Vera that people have grown in the house since time immemorial, but this kind has been more popular Because of its cute shape and cycle. It can release oxygen at night. And with being a succulent stem allowing it to disperse water droplets to catch dust, people like to put this plant in the bedroom. for a better rest

6. Xanadu tree

This tree is similar to Monstera. With beautiful openwork leaves, Therefore, it is another attractive ornamental plant. The upbringing is similar to being with Monstera. This makes this tree popular as well.

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