6 Ways To Keep You Away From Depression

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In a rapidly changing society from a society where people interacted a lot in the past, people pay more attention to themselves. More competition in the field of work or life causes depression. Depression has become a prevalent disease for many people. We have to rely a lot on our understanding of this disease. Because some people think people with depression may be attention seekers. But depression causes a chemical imbalance in the brain, which may lead to suicidal thoughts, which we have seen each other often to get away from depression. Here are six ways to keep you away from depression.

1. Not obsessed with mobile phones and social media

This is the main reason. That will make you depressed because you will always compare your own life with the lives of others. People only want to share good stories and good lives for others to see. So we have to ask ourselves all the time. Don’t you think why my life is not sound like him? Which of them, of course, has a bad story. You are suffering as well, But who will share it for the world to see? Therefore, you should limit your time on social media. And should not play mobile phones before bedtime or after waking up Because it will make you more obsessed with it.

2. Watch documentaries or watch creative programs

Once you’ve chosen to stop being addicted to other people’s affairs, you should focus on yourself. Give yourself time to watch documentaries. Cooking list or programs that have the entertainment to make you happy or inspire yourself To initiate something new Maybe you’ve discovered a hobby that you enjoy and never thought you’d be interested in.

3. Accept the truth and accept yourself

Sometimes understanding others doesn’t make you understand yourself at all. From those above, We should be less addicted to other people’s stories. And focus more on yourself, accepting your abilities at a level that is not too insulting to yourself because we do not take ourselves causing insatiable habits. It will make you more likely not to find happiness. So accepting the truth and living with that truth will make you happier.

4. Express your feelings

it is good to let someone understand or hear what we think Or what are we not comfortable with? Train yourself to be more trusting of others. By sharing the story of his suffering with the people around him. Don’t think that he will judge us. Because people who love us, He would never have thought of us like that. Because if you keep this in your mind a lot, it will one day become a significant cause of depression. that can’t find a reason

5. Do some exercise

In addition to making various bodywork systems better, There will be a secretion of happiness after your body has exercised. Or serotonin makes you feel good, So if you exercise regularly, it will make both physical and mental health. and mental health

6. Train to be an optimist

Every story has two sides. If we are always negative will cause the brain to think bias and automatically make us a negative person. This is not good for our health. Try to see everything with a positive view. Understand other people’s feelings by adjusting small ideas then you will find You’ll be happier.

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