8 Things Men Want From Women, But Will Never Say

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Most men are not used to publicly discussing their needs and desires in a relationship. This can create a gap between what they think and what they know about their potential partner and cause your relationship to fail before it even begins!

We asked several relationship specialists and coaches, and professional matchmakers to find out what makes men not only fall in love with a woman but also stay with her. So we can share our top 8 things men want from women but will never say with our readers. So it’s your chance to finally understand what modern, confident men are looking for in a woman. I bet at least some of them will be a big surprise:

Kindness And Compassion

Our daily working and living environment can be harsh, competitive, and stressful. It can feel like we’re often being judged and compared to our peers. However, showing your gentler side, tender and considerate interest, and kindness and empathy towards men creates positive and meaningful relationships. Various research confirms that men are more interested in kind and attentive women, and these traits can deepen relationships and sexual desire.

Praise, Appreciation, And Validation

Men want and need recognition when they have done something well. Assess your partner and tell them how proud you are and what they have done to improve your life. Show him that you appreciate his contribution and are grateful that he is in your life. Your praise and appreciation will help him feel loved and respected.

Full Attention And Understanding

Men often reason and like to fix things and solve problems. However, when men deal with a problem, they don’t always want a solution as much as they need your presence and understanding. Some men may not even want to talk about the details of what they are experiencing, but you are there, learning and supporting what he needs. So let him feel that he’s not lonely and that you are available if he needs a problem solver partner.

Personal Space And Independence

Men, incredibly motivated and successful men, need their independence. They don’t want or need to be glued to the waist to express their love and commitment. They need space to recover emotionally and pursue their personal goals and interests. In a healthy relationship, independence is not a threat but an asset. And it gives you both a chance to miss each other and appreciate each other more.

Sexual Connection, Touch, And Intimacy

Intimacy is essential to men, sometimes more than it is to women. Men need frequent non-sexual touching as well as a sense of sexual connection. Men want you to want and desire them too, so tell him you’re into him. Take him in your arms, kiss him deeply and involve him through physical touches and actions. This will make him feel loved.

Laughter, Humor, And Fun

Honestly, no one wants to spend time with an unhappy person. We all want to be with someone who enjoys the little things and can laugh at our jokes. That makes life more pleasant. Jokes and humor bring fun into your relationships. Relationships thrive on laughter and love.

Support And Strength

Even if men don’t talk about it, they need you when they face a challenge and an obstacle to overcome. Men also need a space where they can safely be vulnerable. He feels safe when his woman rushes forward to love and support him when he needs it without asking.

Patience And Trust

A good man appreciates your trust. He wants to live there for you and know that he can count on you when he needs you. He will also appreciate your patience as you help him grow into the best he can be. Your encouragement and patience will give him what he needs to transform and deepen your relationship.


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