How to find a job

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Whether you are looking for a job for the first time, If you are tired of your current job and want to find a new job, it will be more or less difficult. However, if you prepare carefully and apply, you will be able to apply without much stress. So, what are you going to prepare?

First, find a job that suits you

First, make sure to list the jobs that will really help you on your way up that are right for you. Also, if you carefully research and list the companies you want to work for, your job search will save time and be efficient.

Use your network

When looking for a job, your friend, You can find your new opportunities through relatives and friends. In addition, you can find new job opportunities through social networks that are becoming more popular these days. For example, you can visit, Myanmar’s number one job portal, search for suitable jobs and companies you want to work for, and apply directly.

Will attend job fairs

Sometimes, while looking for a job, there are people who get lost as to where to look for new job opportunities. But there is an opportunity to attend job fairs and meet companies directly to apply.

Prepare your CV carefully

Rather than a simple CV format, you need a good CV that will show your skills. Filling out your personal information, phone number and email address carefully will make it easier for employers to contact you. Also, if you have volunteer experience, you can include it. To prepare these things, either refer to the internet or Either ask people with experience or prepare an attractive CV.

Make them want to be hired during the interview

The sciences you have learned, Practice speaking to the best of your abilities. It’s a good opportunity for you to be able to talk about your strengths, which are different from others, to let the interviewers know how much you can benefit the company if you hire yourself. So, during the interview, your speech, Be careful with your manners and dress.

Don’t forget to follow up

Don’t assume that everything is over once you’ve had an interview. Be sure to ask about the circumstances of your interview and when you will respond. Sometimes the second time, There is often a third interview and the process takes a Fri time.

Finding a job is a challenge. Let’s study these points and find the best way to find your new job and build a successful career.

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