How To Remove Female Facial Hair Growth Using Diet And Nutrients

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Many women are battling daily with the problem of unwanted hair on the face. If women cannot tolerate a pimple on their face, then there is a severe problem on the front. So if you are troubled by the growing hair on your face, this article can help you.

If you have unwanted facial hair problem, you may have tried different remedies like shaving, waxing, or even laser hair removal at the ready.

But this is only a temporary solution. To know this more properly, you have to get to the root of the problem. And a permanent alternative has to be found.

Why do women grow hair on their faces?

Before finding a solution for this, we have to understand why this happens. Because until we do not go to the depth of the problem, we cannot adopt the proper treatment.

One way that causes facial hair in men is a hormone called testosterone. Similarly, when a woman has too much, it can lead to facial hair, extra muscles, and a masculine figure (square body). Conversely, people with a lot of estrogens have slim bodies.

When your hormones are imbalanced, you will see all kinds of symptoms, such as acne, hair loss, facial hair, weight problems (gain and loss), hot flashes, and menstrual irregularities.

Apart from this, some other reasons could be :

  • Hereditary
  • health problems
  • Cushing’s syndrome
  • lack of proper diet
  • side effects of drugs

How to prevent it with proper nutrition and diet?

  • Stop consuming soy, hormonal meats, and dairy and either eliminate or switch to meats that do not contain hormones. 
  • To get rid of those harmful toxins is to undergo a full body detox that is causing your imbalance. Start with detox tea, drink lots of alkaline water and take a detox bath.
  • You need to eat more nutritious foods, which contain various vitamins and minerals. Mainly speaking, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E.
  • It would help if you started taking herbal smoothies that can provide you with well-balanced nutrition. In smoothies, you can use iris moss, moringa, spirulina, and hemp powder.
  • You can also start consuming bananas, hazelnut, hemp seed, flaxseed, quinoa, and chickpeas. It proves helpful in stopping hair growth in women.

other measures

You can also adopt some other measures, which can be very useful in closely removing the hair from your face.

home remedies

Making a solution of lemon juice and sugar and applying it to the face also helps immensely. Finally, make gram flour, turmeric, and curd paste and apply it to the face. Apart from this, the use of papaya and turmeric is also effective.

Threading, shaving, and waxing

This method is used mainly by women. In threading, unwanted hair is removed from the thread. You can do shaving and waxing yourself at home. This is effective only to some extent. You have to do this every time.

by laser 

This is essentially a permanent option. In this, the hair is removed closely by laser light. This may take a few months. In addition, it is also costly.

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