Sending troops to Shanghai, China, amid coronavirus outbreak

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Chinese authorities have sent military troops and thousands of health workers to Shanghai, where the number of cases of the novel coronavirus is soaring.

Military and health personnel will support mass screening for the novel coronavirus of 26 million Shanghai residents.

The People’s Liberation Army Daily, a Chinese military newspaper, reported on the 4th that about 2,000 medical personnel from the army, navy, and joint supply support units were dispatched to Shanghai yesterday.

According to reports, about 38,000 health workers have been dispatched to Shanghai from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Beijing, the capital.

Reuters reported that the response by Chinese authorities was the largest since the first confirmed case of the novel coronavirus in Wuhan at the end of 2019.

The State Council of China dispatched about 4,000 Chinese military health personnel to Hubei Province, located in Wuhan at the time.

While the city of Shanghai has entered into a two-stage sequential lockdown since the 28th of last month, dividing the eastern and western districts, Reuters reported that, in reality, all residents are being quarantined at home.

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