The security guards were hailed at 30 million! Buy lottery, no money to pay Leave it to the seller Tell me if anyone asks, sell it.

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A security guard, 59 years old, came to the city to work to earn money to pay debts for over 17 years. Bring the number of Covids to buy lottery tickets , winning prizes from 1 to 5, receiving 30 million baht.

The news reporter was informed that there were villagers in Na Pa Subdistrict, Mueang Phetchabun District , who worked as A security guard in Bangkok won the 1st prize in the Government Lottery The draw for April 16, 2022, 5 tickets, received a prize of 30 million baht. Now, he has returned to his wife’s hometown at Na Pa Subdistrict, Mueang Phetchabun District. therefore traveled to check.

The house is a two-storey house, half a half-timbered building, found Mr Lob Buakrai, 59, who owns the house. and was the lucky winner of the Government Lottery Prize, the first prize of 5 tickets, revealing that he previously had a career in farming, in the area of Na Pa Subdistrict, Mueang Phetchabun District But faced with the problem of loss in debt, BAAC has decided to apply for a job in Bangkok by becoming a security guard at the Thai mailing station, Laksi base camp, Bangkok.

The wife got a job as a housewife. work sleep deprivation to save money to pay off debt and to use when old From that day to today, it’s been 17 years. The wife had to come back and take care of her grandchildren at home. So he worked in Bangkok alone.
in the matter of gambling They buy government lottery tickets every 10-20 draws because they want to win prizes. In order to have money to pay debts quickly But in the past, it has been 2, some 3, some that are closest to the biggest prize is won the prize next to the 1st prize, the purchase number was randomly bought The seller pulls out any number.

In this period is the same. The seller asked what number to buy. He likewise said that the number 19 was on the grounds that it was a Coronavirus number. He thought that Covid would give some luck, but there was a lottery set of 5, which was the number 395919. At that time, he didn’t have money to buy, so he told the seller that he had deposited it first. Regardless, if someone requests to purchase, they can sell it.

Until Friday, April 15, the past, no one bought it, so he bought it, even in the afternoon of April 16, after the lottery was finished. So he utilized his mobile phone to check. Appears to possess won the first prize, but wasn’t very excited. Then call the house.
for the prize money Still haven’t planned how to use it, but the main thing is to use it to pay off bank debt, share it with children, make merit, and leave the bank for use when needed. From now on, it’ll visit Bangkok. to pack up and resign from the security guards in order to come back home together again.

Mrs Ban Buakrai, 58, Mr Lob’s wife, said he had phoned him saying “I’m fine.” So he asked what he was comfortable with. Mr. Delete replied softly that he won the first prize for 30 million baht. He was very happy. So there won’t have to be difficult again. The proceeds are going to be wont to pay off debts, share with children, make merit, and deposit them within the bank to be used in adulthood .

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